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The shipping department has seen many changes over the history of Aubin Nurseries.  In the early days, bare root plants were delivered door to door or were often picked up by the customer.  Today, the majority of material is shipped via semi trailers across the prairies, northern Ontario and the northern United States. 


Shipping season starts in early April and continues through late October with the bulk of deliveries compressed into 10 weeks from April to June.  Shipments are scheduled to accommodate customers' requests and are handled quickly and efficiently.  During the peak of the season, customers can expect toreceive their orders within 7 to 10 days from the date of notification.  As the season progresses, Aubin Nurseries can ship within 24 hours of notice, if desired.

With the limited number of customers per load, and with palletizing of material becoming more and more standard, plants are usually delivered within 24 to 72 hours after leaving Aubin Nurseries.  All semi loads are temperature controlled ensuring plants arrive in top form.  Smaller orders are easy palletized and shipped using a regional freight service.  Local deliveries are made with one or two of our own 27 ft. trucks and are generally delivered the same day they are loaded.

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